Testimonials & Transformation Photos

Jordan Lawter

I have found Caitlyn Bellamy to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline -- and she is always keeping my workouts fun too. I have specifically trained for slightly over a year with her, and have  achieved the weight, physical skills/fitness and "look" I set out for!!! We constantly continue to work together using her online program that I follow and I send in my results every two weeks! Our next goal will be to get me entered into a show!  Her attitude is inspiring and her knowledge exceptional.







Amie Ebanks

Lisa Williams

"I am 44 and the mother of 3 children in school. I have been a fitness instructor and avid fitness enthusiast for 25 plus years. Last summer I was frustrated with my body and it didn't matter what I tried or how hard I worked out I was not making progress. I noticed Caitlyn Bellamy was working with a relative of mine and started following her on FB. I loved her positive inspiration and the quick workouts she offered. The quick tips and recipes all were amazing!! I emailed her and that was the beginning of an amazing fitness journey! Over 6 months time she helped me lose to my PRE-baby weight which I'd not seen for 15 years!! More than that she helped me realize that nothing is impossible over 40...with the right tools, information and motivation!! By changing my diet and working hard-- increasing my weight lifting and decreasing my cardio; AND having a person to be accountable to, I am an excited mother and wife that is over 40 and feeling 29 again! Caitlyn is very professional, yet real...she is very insightful and not afraid to push you farther than you thought possible because she believes in fitness and nutrition working together to make amazing transformations! I love who I am today and am now more motivated to help my own clients attending my fitness classes! I'm so thankful for time and money wisely invested in becoming a better ME! I also feel I have found a fitness buddy for years to come!!"

Claudia Brietzke 

Kayla Ward

Dana Flanders

Five years ago my weight peeked at 210 pounds. After a fairly embarrassing moment, involving splitting pants in public, I decided it was time to change. I started eating a much more clean balanced diet which helped me, over the next two years, loose the first 50 pounds.  At this point I came to a stand still. I was definitely happier with who I was, but knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be just yet.   

When the gym and a trainer were suggested I was terrified, but after thinking it over, and over, and over, I decided to give it a shot. This is when my love for fitness actually started. I trained with two different trainers over the next two and a half years, each offering a new, and exciting challenge for me to take on.

I had seen Caitlyn training in the gym and had always heard great things about her nutritional services.

Originally I started as a nutrition client with her, and after looking over her site a few more times, reading testimonials, and seeing all the photos of the girls she had trained to compete I knew it was the next step for me! The next two months brought on some intense, amazing new work out challenges.

Caitlyn’s work out style was something totally new to me and definitely a much needed change. And with them, my body began to transform even more going down another thirteen pounds and eighteen inches.

Before I knew it I was walking onto stage and even though I didn’t place to move on I still had the time of my life and realized that I want to continue working with Caitlyn and Revolutionary fitness to fully reach my fitness potential. 

The road is a long one, but with determination and the right guidance it is completely possible to change your life!

Britany Jordan

Ashley Edgar

Chanelle Young

I started with Caitlyn as an online client in December 2012, I had heard about her through previous clients and had checked out her website. Growing up I had always been active and healthy and never worried much about my eating habits, but as I got older it had taken its toll. I had reached a point in my life where I needed to make a change; my eating habits were merely based on convenience, and my work-outs were strictly cardio. I always wanted a quick weight-loss fix, but over the past 6 months I learned there is no quick fix; it takes hard work, dedication and that it isn’t a “diet”, it is a lifestyle.

For those of you who think that an “online trainer” would not be beneficial for you, I can tell you it is completely worth it. Although we do everything through email, she is always there to help me, I email her day and night asking her questions and I always get a response right away. Every two weeks I send her an assessment (consisting of weight, measurements and pictures). I have found this to be the best strategy because it keeps me accountable for my actions.

Getting in touch with Caitlyn was by far one of the best decisions I have made, she has helped me transform in more ways than just losing weight, she has helped my change my lifestyle for the better and I am very appreciative for all of her hard work and help…I will be a client of hers for many years to come. 

Erica Miller

Courtney Bishop

In 2011 I had an emergency appendectomy; I had lost so much weight I have to admit I was “Scary Skinny”. I spent a year trying everything to gain my weight back. Nothing worked as I had lost more muscle then anything. I was so discouraged.  A friend suggested I should try talking to Caitlyn, see if she would be able to help. I was so tired of the looks and comments about my weight I thought, what do I have to lose?  I never knew much about the gym. I had always watched people use the machines and always wanted to have someone teach me but was almost too embarrassed to ask so I was cardio all the time.  I decided to do something for myself and asking Caitlyn to be my trainer was the best thing I could have done.  Every week she was there to change diet plans, give me new routines, and just be there whenever I needed her help. Not only did she teach me how to properly exercise her passion for fitness and her clients gave me the courage to compete in my first fitness competition.  It was something I had always wished I could do and when I said I wanted to compete in the bikini category I wasn’t even sure I could do it. Caitlyn’s endless support is what made me feel I could and her dedication drove me to try. Her encouragement gave me so much self- confidence and to keep pushing harder. Knowing I was weighing in with her weekly and hearing her excitement for me pushed me to make fitness a priority in my already busy day. Competing is something a year ago I never would have dreamed of doing, but with my amazing coach at my side I got on stage and won  1st place not only in my class but I also won 1st place overall.  I have never been so excited in my life and have never felt better than I do today.  Now I couldn’t imagine not working out. I have a new found love of the gym and with the endless support from Caitlyn I am thrilled to say I have found myself again.  I look forward to my next competition and to keep making her proud.  Thank you for helping me find the fun in fitness and making my dreams become a reality. For anyone looking for someone to be encouraging, fun and dedicated to helping her clients reach goals I would recommend Caitlyn Bellamy hands down.  It would be the best choice anyone could make to become who they want to be and I am proud to be part of team Revolutionary Fitness.

Ashley Bellerose

Serena Baccante

As I grew up I was very active, in many sports throughout my adolescence and with the metabolism of a young person, eating well was never a priority for me. As I got into high school my eating habits became worse and worse, eating fast food daily, drinking alcohol and just being lazy took a toll on my body. Since then (6 years) I had been trying to find the latest fad diets, from eating nothing but soup for a week or trying to find some “magical pill” that would allow me to eat whatever I wanted and get skinny overnight (trust me, there is no such thing!). I would drop weight, then quickly put it back on and then some, making me feel more depressed then when I had started. 

Over the years I have seen Caitlyn transform herself and many others to become healthier, fitter and most of all confident. I always found excuses not to commit to programs, “It’s too expensive” “I don’t have time to be at the gym all day long” “I don’t feel like starving myself forever” “I want to find something that will make me skinny after one week” and the list goes on. But, finally into the new year, as I was stuffing my face, feeling sorry for myself I realised if I didn’t make a serious change to my life I would be stuck in the vicious cycle forever! I was looking online and I saw that Caitlyn advertised customized programs that you could do on your own, meaning, she gave me the meal plan and exercise routine, and it would be up to me to follow it and work out and push myself on my own, but still having assessments with her every few weeks to help keep me on track. This was a win win for me; it fit into my budget, and would push me to push myself, even when someone wasn’t standing beside me making sure I did my workout but still being held accountable for my actions. 

So, I emailed Caitlyn, and before I knew it I was meeting with her at the gym to learn my exercise program and eating plan! I was pleasantly surprised when I realised I didn’t need to work out for hours on end, I didn’t have to just eat carrot sticks and water to lose weight. Working out and eating right have now become a part of my life, this is not a “diet”, this is not a phase for me, this is my new lifestyle. I am happier today then I have ever been!  If you have any desire to change your life, don’t create excuses, Caitlyn really has options for everyone out there!

Thank you so much Caitlyn!

Cher Wilson


October 15, 2011 I gave birth to my baby boy Taysen Ziegeman via C section, Weighing in at 9lbs 6oz. Carrying such a big baby and being put on bed rest for two months I ended up gaining 64lbs. I have never been a big person and always maintained a pretty healthy diet. After 3 months I decided I wasn't ever going to be thin again or feel good about myself unless I did something about it. I knew exactly who to turn to for help on getting my body back and feeling good about myself again. I have always looked up to Caitlyn and cannot give her enough credit for how amazing she looks and what she has accomplished . We started training January 19, 2011; that day and for the next 2 weeks I thought she was "crazy" and going to kill me. It was only because I was so out of shape. Her drive and commitment to me kept me going and shortly I started to see huge results. Within my first month I lost almost 11lbs and 10.5 inches. I felt incredible again and didn't know from there on I would keep losing. I decided To enter the Northern Classic Figure, Fitness and Bodybuilding show in June of 2012. Cait and I trained hard and I walked that stage 7 months post baby, weighing in at 115lbs; feeling amazing that I actually was in a bikini in front of a lot of people! Caitlyn Bellamy has taught me to never give up and push yourself daily because if you do your dreams of being fit and healthy will come true. I want to Thank Caitlyn and her company revolutionary fitness & nutrition for all you have done for me and for letting my goals become reality!

Thank you<3 

Tricia Martin

My name is Tricia Martin, I am 21 years old. I started training with Caitlyn at age 19 to compete in my first bikini competition at the Northern Classic in Fort St. John. Before I had started training with her I had never really dedicated my life to being fit. Caitlyn had helped me achieve my goals of making fitness and healthy eating a life style for me. Caitlyn helped me achieve placing first in bikini short class and placing first overall in the bikini category at the Northern Classic. The year after I had decided to compete in my second show at the provincial championships, again Caitlyn guided me and gave me the encouragement that I needed to get on stage again, and at provincials I placed 8th out of 15 girls in my category. Training with Caitlyn helped me achieve a goal I never would have been able to achieve on my own. To have someone push me to reach my goals, and believe that I could do what I set my mind to was amazing, she was there every step of the way.

Thank you Caitlyn for encouraging my decision to have fitness as my lifestyle.





Keeshia Demers

March 2012 was the breaking point for me. It was 4 months post baby and I was still wearing my maternity clothes. I was tired of having to buy clothes that were baggy just to be okay with what I looked like in the mirror but mostly, to be okay with how I had felt about myself emotionally. A few of my friends had been training with Caitlyn so I asked if I could join them. Within the next week I had my first training session, I was beyond nervous. She made me feel more than comfortable even though I did not have the strength as my friends did. By the end of the session my legs were shaking so bad that I had to switch to ab workouts so I didn't collapse (or get sick for that matter). After training for two months I had to quit due to medical issues. A month went by and I got the ok to train again from my doctor, I hadn't even left the hospital parking lot before I had messaged Cait to see if she had any space to take me back as her client. It has been five months since I've been steady with training. I've lost almost 30 pounds, 37.2 inches and have gained tons of lean muscle. I fit comfortably back into all my pre-pregnancy clothing and am no longer scared to flaunt a bikini. Amongst just training, she has taught me about clean eating and alternatives to fatty and high carb/calorie foods. I've made the switch for my family not just myself. I'm no longer exhausted nor stressed. Because of Caitlyn I am constantly getting compliments on the way I look and people asking me how I lost all my weight. I am always proudly giving her credit because without her I would probably be the old potato chip eating slump I was! I have my off days but she still pushes me to move forward, she is full of laughter and support, but mostly dedication to her clients. And for that I will always recommend and continue to train with Revolutionary Fitness and Nutrition consulting.





Shayleen Clausen

I have always been on the skinnier side but never what you would call healthy, well I’d call myself a nutrition disaster. With my job I am always driving and on the go, pulling all night and long road trips, give me a coffee and I didn’t need to eat for days. Never a smoker and when I did get to eat it was usually not the best choices. Then I got pregnant, I gave birth and I was immediately down below my pre-pregnant weight but still looking & feeling 5 months pregnant so I bought a gym membership. Approximately a month after I had my little girl I was back playing hockey where an accident left me with a broken back. Unknown to me at the time I finished the practice & played until Christmas, My “sore back” wasn’t getting better so I dropped hockey until the following year. I chocked the soreness up to packing around a newborn in a car seat and put off going to the doctor until March 2012, shortly thereafter I received the news.

Back to April I had a consultation with Caitlyn where she weighed and measured me, made a specialized diet made specifically for my current needs and then spent the next 9 weeks preparing for my first show. I placed second to last & immediately signed up for the Sandra Wickham fall classic in November where I continued training. I placed much higher this time and set my sights on the next show Western Canadians in Kelowna where I took second. Most recently BC Provincials I took 1st place qualifying for Nationals. There is no way I could have done this without the help of Caitlyn with revolutionary fitness and nutrition consulting. In my journey I have lost well over 50”, I am very happy with the support I’ve received and am looking forward to continue my relationship with Caitlyn.

Tammy Smith 

April 2009 my whole family and I took a vacation to Mexico. It was upon our return, going through our photos that I was shocked and very dismayed to see what I actually looked like in a bikini. I realized that very day that 38 year old women should NOT wear a 2 piece bathing suit. So, I did what every mother would do....threatened my kids with their lives, that if these pictures show up on Facebook they are in for it!!! It was obvious that I needed to get in Shape.

I had never really worked out before, because I hated exercise with every ounce (or pound) of my body, so I had no idea where to begin, so I started asking around and decided to give Caitlyn a try. Mainly because, who wouldn’t want to work out with a girl that looked like her? Well, not only is she beautiful, fit and pushes you even when you don’t feel like lifting 1 single lb, she is sweet, compassionate and has become a very dear friend that has changed my life forever, and I love her dearly.

With Cait’s help and determination she has made me the healthy, sexy, beautiful woman that I am today, in only 1 year. I now workout daily, eat clean and no longer smoke a pack of cigarettes per day. I am a 39 year old Granny to a 3 year old beautiful little girl, that once again will wear a bikini in Mexico with my family this fall. 

Thank you Cait.



Amanda Gardener

For the past year I had the great pleasure of having Caitlyn Bellamy as a trainer. I never made fitness or health a priority until I started training with her twice a week and it has made the biggest difference in my lifestyle. Before I started training with Caitlyn I would go to the gym and not have a clue what I was even doing. Not only did Caitlyn teach me all about the proper way to exercise and eat healthy but she made it fun. I never once imagined myself becoming a fitness competitor but after a little convincing she had me hooked and determined to look my best to walk on that stage. Competing enabled me to reach goals I never thought were possible and I wouldn’t have reached these goals with out the help of such a great trainer to motivate and inspire me to keep going. I looked forward to each work out knowing that I would have a new challenge each time. I am very happy to have been able to gain some of Caitlyn’s extensive knowledge on health and fitness to better myself physically and mentally. I can honestly say I would recommend Caitlyn as a trainer to anyone that wants to start living a healthy lifestyle or wanting to compete in a fitness competition!




Jill Milanos

I came to Caitlyn 12 weeks before a show, hoping and praying she would take me on as a client and transform me into a "bikini girl".  Something I had been told I would never become.  Sure enough 12 weeks later I was on stage holding a trophy for 1st place, smiling from ear to ear!

This was my third show, having competed twice before in the Figure category.  Deep down I always thought I'd excel as a bikini competitor and Caitlyn taught me anything is possible.  Although I had my doubts along the way, she encouraged me through the tough days and pushed me harder on the good days!
Caitlyn taught me that preparing for a competition is supposed to be fun, and the journey is just as important as the end result!

Because of what Caitlyn had taught me over the last several months, I now have a new perspective on nutrition, training and this crazy sport we love so much!
Provincials 2014 is my next challenge and I couldn't think of anyone else to guide me to the stage than Caitlyn and Team Revolutionary!

Thank you Caitlyn!